Who madeMOOND panties?

We are ” Good Moon Mood ” who created MOOND panties! Our team members include the former product designer and project manager of Formoonsa Cup. They have accumulated nearly 10 years of experience in promoting and using tampons, menstrual cup and other new types of menstrual products.

After competed the Formoonsa Cup project, we noticed an environmental friendly women product is being developed in various countries around the world, which is a kind of underwear that can directly absorb menstrual blood. Unlike the menstrual cup that needs to overcome the fear of placing something in the body, the way of wearing menstrual panties is the same as ordinary underwear. The users hardly need to go through extra learning time of the product.

With the design experience of Formoonsa Cup, we spent more than a year continuously searching and testing various materials. And finally found the functional fabrics made in Taiwan. In order to solve the problem of period leakage, we went through different concepts, and finally came out a leak-proof design with our patented reverse-folding method.

Let every girl reduce the using of pads and discomfort during the menstrual period. In August 2018, we finally launched the “MOOND panties” with a patented design that meets the needs of Asian girls. The first pre-order was limited to 3,500 pieces, which were sold out within 3 days.

With the anticipation by everyone, “MOOND panties” was finally officially launched in January 2019, and entered the Japanese high-class department store, Isetan Shinjuku. It was popular with many Japanese women and made the brand of MOOND panties officially go on the international stage.

Many of our fans are crazy about the dry and not sweltering experience of wearing MOOND panties, and said, “It is impossible for me to go back to use pads!”

May all girls have good mood in their menstrual period 🙂

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Manufacturers: Artemis Medical Devices Co., Ltd
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