When to Use

MOOND panties are products for menstrual period, which can completely solve the trouble and anxiety of period leakage.

[ Heavy Menstrual Flow ] 
It is recommended to use it with other menstrual products that you used to at the same time to make your menstrual period at ease.

[ Light Menstrual Flow ] 
Depending on the amount of your menstrual blood, you can reduce the using of menstrual products, or even replace them with MOOND panties.

[ Uncertain about When will Come or Stop ] 
MOOND panties can be worn alone to catch your first blood flow or a sudden back again blood flow, and it is even more easily to absorb vaginal discharge.

Q:Can it be used when there is vaginal discharge ?

Yes, it can. MOOND panties are lightweight underwear that can absorb moisture, leak proof and wick away moisture at the same time. The feeling of wearing them have only little difference between ordinary underwear.

★ Advice for Pads Users
During the first menstrual period when you use MOOND panties, if you originally used the 42 or 37 cm long night-use pads, it is recommended to try the 33 or 28 cm pads. Gradually reduce the extra length used until you find the perfect balance.

★ Advice for Tampons and Menstrual Cup Users
During the first menstrual period when you use MOOND panties, if you originally used panty liners with tampons or menstrual cups, it is recommended to wear MOOND panties alone with tampons or menstrual cups.

Q:Can it be used for urinary incontinence ?

Yes it can. However, the amount of urine leakage varies from person to person, so please use it according to your personal situation. MOOND panties have a limited capacity and cannot be used if it reaches high level of urinary incontinence.

Q: Can it be used for lochia ?

Yes it can. But it is recommended to wait until the wound is completely healed for natural childbirth because every time you go to the toilet, you need to clean, re-apply the medicine, and replace the sanitary products. The poor resistance after the operation so the wound is more likely to be infected should be take into consideration.

When using

Q:How to use for the first time ?

It is recommended that you use the normal washing procedure to wash it before wearing it for the first time. Due to the seamless underwear is tighter when new, you can pull off the “non-absorbent area” on the edges of the waist/leg circumference. After several times of washing, it will become softer and more comfortable to wear. Then you can wear it in the way you usually wear underwear.

Q:Is the material breathe? Is it stuffy?

MOOND panties are made of moisture-wicking materials, which can evaporate moisture and be waterproof. And thus, it won’t be stuffy! But please avoid wearing tight pants or jeans for not to make it difficult for the moisture to come out from the pants and causes a slight damp feeling.

Q:Does it have the smell of blood ?

Because the MOOND panties are made of moisture-wicking materials, the absorbed water will gradually evaporate in a short time with the help of body temperature. And thus it does not have a bloody smell. However, if it absorbed too much menstrual blood or for users who are sensitive to odors or afraid of blood smell might still notice a slight odor.

Q:Can it really be worn all day ?

MOOND panties that are worn alone during light menstrual flow, will dry up quickly due to the moisture wicking feature. During heavy menstrual flow, it is recommended to use with your usual menstrual products at the same time. Generally, they can be worn all day long.

Q:Will the absorbed menstrual blood seep back?

During light menstrual flow, the absorbed blood will dry quickly because of the moisture-wicking fabric, and thus it will not seep out. During heavy menstrual flow , it is recommended to use with other menstrual products for not to absorb too much blood, and thus it is unlikely to seep out. However, if you want to wear only MOOND panties during menstruation, please be careful about squeezing out when the menstrual blood flow is heavy. Please consider the frequency of replacement according to your personal flow.

Q:How to estimate the amount of menstrual blood absorbed?

When absorbing menstrual blood, the surface will be darker and slightly moist. It can also be estimated by weight. But when the moisture evaporates and the fabric dries, it can continue to absorb more flow.

Q: Does it have any odor?

After the menstrual blood and the sweat contact air, the bacteria will gradually breed. Once it is stuffy, it is easier to have odor. MOOND panties is made of anti-bacterial fabric, which is not easy to breed bacteria, and with the feature of moisture-wicking, it is not easy to have odor.

Q: Will there be problems with bacterial growth and infection?

The anti-bacterial fabric is used in the crotch of the MOOND panties, which is less likely to breed bacteria and cause infection. However, the hygiene of non-disposable products depends on personal habits. Please keep the products clean, wash them thoroughly, and dry them before wearing. At the same time, please avoid wearing tight pants or jeans. It is recommended to wear ventilated clothing to prevent from the possibility of being too hot to the genitalia.

Q: Can blood clots be absorbed?

MOOND panties can only absorb menstrual blood, is unable to absorb the blood clot. When blood clots are stained on the surface of the cloth, please wipe it off with toilet paper directly. It will be more dry and comfortable when worn back.

Q: What should I do if it seep?

When using it with the other menstrual products during heavy menstrual flow. Unless there is a sudden large flow, or the MOOND panties are not on the right place while wearing. Otherwise the MOOND panties can completely avoid leakage. If it still accidentally leak, you can only deal with it in the usual way~

How to Wash

Q: Are there any notice of washing?

1. It is better to clean on the same day you wear, and it is recommended to soak it first
2. Do not use bleach or dry cleaning
3. Do not wash/iron/dry at high temperature
4. Do not drag it or use sharp objects
5. Do not use fabric softener

★ Follow washing recommendations to extend product life

Q: Will it be difficult to wash with menstrual blood?

MOOND panties are made of fabric that can be easy to decontaminate. It is recommended to use baking soda and hand wash detergent to soak in water, then gently scrub. Or put into “laundry bag” to machine wash directly.

★Tips: If you want to make the panties dry faster, you can use the towel to twist or dehydrate, and try to stretch the panties to dry.

Q: Do I need to use special detergent?

No, you can wash it as you usually do!

Q: How do I know whether it is cleaned?

MOOND panties are made of fabric that can be easy to decontaminate. Please based on your experience on how you usually wash deep color clothing to see if it is cleaned.

When hand washing, please refer to the method in the post: http://bit.ly/2OMR3YJ

Q:Do I have to wash by hand? Can I wash it with washing machine?

You can wash it like how you wash other clothing. But please do not twist and pull like washing a rag. Please lightly wrap it with a towel and press it to dry, which can extend the life of the product.
Please use a laundry bag for machine washing.

Q: If I use a washing machine to wash it, will the menstrual blood stain other clothes?

MOOND panties are not recommended to catch heavy menstrual blood alone, so it will not be too bloody. If you mind that menstrual blood may stain other clothing, you can soak and wash them before putting them in the machine. But basically after use the washing machine, all the clothes will be clean, and only the smell of laundry detergent will left.

About product

Q: What material is it made of?

Use multi-layers of light and soft moisture-wicking material. The functional fabrics come from Taiwanese manufacturers.

★ Waterproof layer: Nylon 100%/Polyurethane laminate waterproof and breathable membrane
★ Absorption layer: 100% polyester
★ Crotch : 82% nylon, 18% elastic fiber
★ Fabric: 80% nylon, 20% elastic fiber

Q: How much menstrual blood can be absorbed?

The blood absorbency of MOOND panties are about a piece of daily use pads or tampon (10ml). The volume of menstrual blood varies from person to person. It is recommended to use it with your original menstrual products instead of completely replacing them. And thus it will be more comfortable to use!

Q: Will the Night Extra one absorb more?

Since menstrual blood is not evenly distributed in the entire absorption range, we calculate the absorbency amount based on the crotch area where the blood volume is the most concentrated. The area of the Night Extra that prevent back leakage has the same absorption ability as the crotch area, but this area will only be used when sleeping, so it is recommended to use it with other menstrual products when the flow is heavy, so as to reduce the excessive absorption of the crotch area.

Q: Why not use sewing? What is the “seamless flanging method”?

The period panties made by sewing are easy to have blood leak from the sewing thread through the waterproof layer when it absorbs too much menstrual blood. And thus, we have developed a “seamless flanging method”, that is specially designed for the multi-layers light and thin crotch of the MOOND panties. It not only avoids the difficulty of cleaning, but also makes it more comfortable to wear!

Q: Where is the place of manufacture?

The absorbing layer of the MOOND panties is made of functional fabrics that made in Taiwan. The processing manufacturer is a high-quality Chinese manufacturer specializing in seamless underwear. About the consideration of production location, please refer to this description: http://bit.ly/2Lecek4

Q: Will it become loose after washing a few times?

We use ultra-high elastic fabrics and laminiating strips with good quality, it have good ductility and are not easy to loose after being stretched and rebounded. Compared with other seamless underwear, the durability is relatively high. But the wearing experience depends on personal preference, please refer to the size chart and users’ try-on report: http://bit.ly/2ONelO6

Q: How long is the service life?

The service life varies according to personal usage habits and wearing frequency. Product function will not decline significantly with the number of washings. It is recommended to follow the cleaning recommendations, and do not twist or pull vigorously like washing a rag. Please pinch it gently, wrap it with a towel and press it to dry, or directly put it into a bag for machine washing, which can extend the life of the product.

Q: How is it different from traditional period pants in Taiwan?

MOOND panties are underwear that can absorb menstrual blood, so it can catch menstrual blood and avoid leakage. And using light and soft moisture-wicking materials. Unlike traditional period panties are hard, stuffy and not breathable.

Q: Are there any other colors?

Night Extra have only one color, black. Daily ones have two color, black and nude. More color options will be launched in the future, so stay tuned for us!

Style / Size

Q:Night use, daily use, which one should I buy?

Daily Lace, Daily Nude | It is suitable for before and after the menstrual period, and when light menstrual flow. It can directly replace the liners, and it is more light and breathable.

Night Extra | It is suitable for heavy menstrual flow. It can be used with pads, tampons and menstrual cup. Even if the pads are rolled up during sleep, you don’t have to worry about leaking out!

Q:What’s the difference in the area of absorption range?
[Front leakage] The front edge of the MOOND panties are 5 cm longer than the crotch of original panties.
[Back leakage] The back edge of the Night Extra extends up to the waist.

Q:Which size should I buy?

This product is fit to our bodies. If you prefer to wear it comfortably and loosely, you can choose a larger size.
※This product is a personal hygiene product and will not be returned after opening ※

Q:Are there larger sizes for girls?

MOOND panties are available in sizes from M to XXL, and can be worn up to about 120cm of hip size.

Order related

Q:What is the shipping area?

1. Delivery is available throughout Taiwan (Taiwan Main lsland, Penghu, Kinmen, Matsu).
2. International Shipping (China, Hong Kong, Macau, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy). Please click “International Express” shipping method in the shopping cart. Large order or other regions, please contact customer service for assistance.

Q: How long will it take to receive the goods?

MOOND panties mall is shipped every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
On holiday, the shipping date will be postponed to the next week day.

Q: How do I know if my order has been shipped?

After the order is shipped, you will receive a system notification of “Delivered”.

Q: Can the order be modified after ordering?

In order to avoid shipping errors, please contact customer service as soon as possible before the goods are shipped to cancel the original order for you, and place an order with the correct content again.

Q: Is there a brick-and mortar store?

MOOND panties are sold in COSMED throughout in Taiwan. If you don’t see it on the shelf, please contact the store manager to order directly. About other stores, please pay close attention to the latest announcements on our Facebook fan page!

Q: How about wholesale or overseas dealer?

Thank you for your interest in our products. If you are interested in wholesale / overseas dealer, please contact customer service for further information.

For more order-related questions, please refer to the “shopping instructions”: http://bit.ly/2OLZB20